So I donated money during the Evo breast cancer research drive, and I got to pick a Voice Message from one of the Skullgirls cast. I decided to go with peacock, and started to look at some classic cartoon lines she could do. I couldn’t find anything, but then I saw yakko’s world, and knew it needed to be done.

Today I got back the message from Sarah. I was told she wanted to make it perfect, that’s why it took so long, and it really shows. She did that all in one take. I loved it so much i had to show it to all of you.

Now, I have little knowledge on video and audio editing(the only stuff I did was back in Highschool 10 years ago on a Mac), so I cannot work on this. However, I know many of you guys on the internet can. So, if you guys want to take this file and convert it to video, edit it to make it sound more Peacock(the filter), or anything like that, go nuts! I would love to see what you guys can do! Let me know if I actually need to host the file somewhere, or is having it here on Tumblr enough for you to grab it.

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